The Process for a Successful Remodel

We love the details! Our step by step process makes it easy.

  • Everything in writing. Avoid misunderstandings.
  • No Frustrations Guarantee. Peace of Mind for you.
    • Your project completed on time.
    • Your project completed on budget.
    • Your home left immaculately clean.
  • Verifiable references. Talk to real people.
  • Company owner on project. Immediate accountability.
  • Communication that works! Documented and easy to use.

Choosing your Contractor

  • Discuss your wishes and wants for your remodeling project.
  • Discuss what is important to you about your project and establish the design priorities.
  • Discuss a budget range so that I can bring back a solution that will fit your financial ability.
  • Discuss any issues that may be encountered during the work
  • Discuss what your expectations are for the contractor working on your home and how we can work together.
  • Enter into a Design Agreement

Design and pricing of the project.

This is one of the most important steps in the remodeling process. The more planning done during this time will result in fewer change orders during the remodeling process. Our Goal “NO CHANGE ORDERS, NO SUPRISES”

  • Floor plan design
  • Product selection
  • Budget preparation

Turnkey solution for your remodeling project

  • Your proposal will include a fixed cost and a time line for your project. I rarely use allowances, the only time that I will use allowances is when the client has not finished or unsure of selections. I think it’s best that you know the true cost of your project upfront.

Documents you can expect to see at these meetings:

  • Complete and detailed plan and specifications
  • Complete and detailed contract with state and federal required provisions.
  • Right of Recession as required by federal law.
  • Certificate of liability and workman’s comp insurance.
  • List of client references.
  • Permission request to obtain building permit.

Sometimes at this meeting, minor changes might be made to the proposal, details are clarified and often clients will ask me to proceed with building the project.

The Fun Begins!

At contract signing, I will give you a start date and our projected end date. Our start date is dependent upon receiving city of San Antonio building permit.I will keep you updated as a project start date comes closer.. Most communication occurs via email allowing for a paper trail.

  • You will receive a selections sheet detailing all the decisions that you have made and that need to be made regarding your project.
  • After receiving city permit, we will protect the way into your house. Floors will be covered from the entry door to the workspace,if needed we build dust walls to keep the spread of dust to a minimum.
  • Demolition is typically completed within 1 to 5 days.
  • From that time forward, I will coordinate with my vendors and trade partners such as the plumber, electrician, tile setter and painter to ensure that quality work is completed to our high standards.
  • At the end of each project, I personally will clean every inch of the workspace and adjacent areas as required so that when clients walk in, it’s all new and as if we would never there!

No Frustrations Guarantee

Like nails sticking out that snag your shirt, we’ve identified within our industry, the most common problems that projects get hung up on:

  • Problem: Projects take too long. Our Solution: Your project completed on time.
  • Problem: Cost overruns. Our Solution: Project cost will be as quoted.
  • Problem: Job left messy at end. Our Solution: Your home left immaculately clean.

If we fail to meet the above criteria, you can choose to not pay the final 10% due on your project. By providing the No Nails Sticking Out Guarantee we hope to give you, the homeowner,the peace of mind that we will make every effort to minimize the risk and hassle of remodeling.

Company Owner On Project

Many remodeling projects are sold by sales people who tend to move onto making the next sale as soon as the ink is dry on the contract. Every time you have a question or have a concern to express, you will have to track down the salesperson who sold your project to you, then wait for him or her to discuss it with the production staff or subcontractors and then get back to you with a response.

The advantage of having the owner on site is that the buck stops with me. if you have a question or concern, they will be addressed immediately whenever possible.  You will always know who to communicate with as it all flows through the company owner.

Communication That Works

In addition to been able to communicate directly with the owner of Clark Homes, we leverage all the tools available to communicate such as mobile phones, email, text messaging and our online project management system. It’s important to note that we will use what is most comfortable for you.

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